Sleep Innovations Gel and Plush Fiber Mattress Topper Review

sleep innovations Plush Fiber Mattress Topper

After a long day, all you need is a good night’s sleep. This is where we need a mattress topper as the primary job for any mattress topper is to add support to the existing mattress. A good mattress topper can both support a mattress that is too soft and also increase the comfort of a decent mattress. This is why we recommend that you read this Sleep innovations gel and plush fiber 4 inch Mattress topper review to understand the beauty of a good mattress topper.

This particular product that we are talking about here is not only known for the various impressive features but also the look of the product. First and foremost the thing that sets this mattress topper apart is the perfect blend of a therapeutic support and uber luxurious look and that is the reason you are hearing so much about the product.

Therefore, we must not a waste a moment further and get on the Sleep innovations gel and plush fiber 4 inch Mattress topper review to know about the product a little better.

The two layer design

Probably the most interesting feature of the product is the two different layers of the product. The best thing here is that how easily they fit on each other, which makes the feel of the mattress topper even better. On the bottom layer you have the 2 inch gel infused memory foam which in itself a great feature to have in any mattress topper. It will give you the feel of sleeping on a kings or queens bed which is really good. Add to that the fact that you will get the full therapeutic support of the product which is definitely going to help you sleep better and effective. On the top layer of the product you will find a plush 2 inch down alternative layer and this layer is designed in such a way that it actually fits very well on the gel infused memory foam. You have a great combination of support and therapeutic love. The combination of the two layers makes sure that the topper remains in its place at all times.

slep innovations - two layer design


Another feature that sets this product apart is that is can be removed and washed effortlessly. This means that if the topper gets dirty at any point you will not have a problem in removing and cleaning it. Moreover the product has a 100% cotton cover with thread count ranging in the 300s, need we say more?

The therapeutic wonder

The unique thing about this product is that it is designed in such a way that it can make contact with pressure points of your body. This is effect makes sure that the mattress topper will enable your body to sleep in such a way that you will be released of several body ailments. As a result what happens is that your blood circulation will also start to improve, hence, making sure that you get the physical therapy that you need.

Let it breathe

You must make sure that it should get at least 72 hours to expand properly so that the topper can take the proper shape of the existing mattress. Remember that you will have a lot of options to choose from in terms of size as it is available in king, queen and other sizes as well.


After looking at the basic features let us check out the pros and cons of the product to make sure if it is worth our time or not:

  • It has a therapeutic system that is unparalleled and it makes sure that your pressure points are taken care of. It also makes sure that your blood circulation is always in the right shape.
  • This mattress topper gives you both the feel of a luxurious and royal ambience and at the same time works in many ways to support you and the actual mattress.
  • You can also wash the product regularly to make sure that your mattress topper is clean.


  • There have been some complaints about the firmness of the product as some of the customers have reported that it is not firm enough.
  • Another issue is the smell of the topper although it goes away after 2 days.


After studying the Sleep innovations gel and plush fiber 4-inch Mattress topper review, we hope you have made a choice. With the various features of the product we can be sure that this product can work wonders for you and therefore it deserves a try at the very least.

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