Best Type of Mattresses – Innerspring, Foam or Gel What to Choose?

1. Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring Mattress consists of inner, metallic, coiled springs that provide support and firmness to the body. It helps to keep the mattress compressible and comfortable. The springs are covered using foam and other such materials to provide support. As the number of springs per square area increases, the comfort for the user also increases. It provides more contours and supports the body while tossing and turning during sleep. This in turn allows you to have a good sleep all through the night.

2. Foam Mattress

This is known to be the best mattress these days as the memory foam very intelligently can contour the line of your body and make sure it provides support and gives firmness to every single point. It is capable of distributing pressure points equally and is also known to capture moisture and heat from the body keeping the body dry and cool at warm hours and give out heat in cool temperatures. Pain relieving ability is also one of its kinds. There are other kinds of foam mattresses also.

3. Latex Mattress

Latex is a plant product and hence a latex mattress is an organic mattress available. This is beneficial because being naturally made; it is disease resistant, dust free and durable. A mild odor of the natural latex might be produced on the other hand. This is one of the main natural products available these days.

4. Gel Mattress

Gel mattress is one of the newest additions. This type of mattress makes use of certain foam materials for the purpose of providing support to the body. The intelligently designed gel layer makes the product very durable and it can be used over a period of years. This product is flame resistant and dust free also. The bad odor of the finished product is also taken care of. Utmost comfort it’s provided by this kind of product.

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