What Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress And Save A Fortune?

Best Time To Buy A Mattress

The average cost of a mattress varies from $500 to $1,200, so yes, they are not cheap. The good news you can save a lot of money if you know what the best time to buy a mattress is. Our goal is to provide you with this knowledge and tell you everything you should know about the hottest sales & the most generous discounts.

October, May & holidays — take advantage of the most generous mattress offers!

Why does the time when you buy it even matters? Here are the reasons:

  1. Manufacturers prepare to present new collections, models, sets, and, of course, they want to boost the sales. That is why they try to sell all old products — they make room for new ones.
  2. During the holidays, people are likely to purchase more and spend more, and the market responds — the sellers offer discounts to attract more people. When all your competitors offer lower prices, you have to offer at least as big discount as they do. That leads to fierce competition that is extremely beneficial for a customer.

So, there is no wonder that spring (May, time to sell old models to set higher prices for new ones), and the US holidays (especially in fall, during October) are considered the best time to buy anything in a mattress store.

How much can one save at this time? Manufacturers and retailers offer 5-60% discounts to various types of mattresses. But there is one important thing to consider — you can save more if:

  • You buy a mattress in an offline store during the hottest seasonal sales.
  • You make a purchase in online stores during the biggest online events.

Note that the bigger discount offered by an offline retailer is not always more generous than lower discounts in online stores. Sellers who rent trade spaces and hire full-time employees also set bigger markups, so a 50% discount from an offline retailer can be equal to a 25% discount in an online store.

Want to find the best affordable mattress? Take a look at the table below (don’t miss the best options at the end of it).



Where to make a purchase

More details on a discount

New Year


A lot of discounts in both online & offline stores

Even during the fall, retailers and manufacturers cannot sell everything they have. So, they try to sell the remaining mattresses, beddings, etc. before the new year begins. You will easily find a lot of great offers during the Christmas holidays, so check your email and look through the top picks in the most popular stores to find the best mattresses on sale

Black Friday

1st Friday after Thanksgiving

A lot of discounts in both online & offline stores

Currently, the best Black Friday discounts are offered offline, as well as online. Just spend some time comparing options and choose the most generous one. 

Cyber Monday

1st Monday after Thanksgiving 

Generous discounts online

On this Monday, you will not get a discount in a local store but you will find plenty of generous offers on the web.

Veteran’s Day


Generous discounts offline

11/11 sales are usually not as epic as Black Friday sales, but on this day, you still can save some hard-earned money. 

Columbus Day

2nd Monday of October

Generous discounts offline

The fact is people usually don’t buy mattresses during October if sellers don’t encourage them to do it. That is why a lot of retailers and manufacturers offer some discounts on Columbus Day, too. 

Labor Day

1st Monday of September

A lot of discounts in both online & offline stores

This is the first day when you can see the prices for the newest mattresses finally starting to fall. Labor Day sales take place online, as well as offline. 

Amazon Prime Day

2nd week of July

Generous discounts on Amazon

It is the best day to buy various goods on Amazon, and mattresses are not an exception to the rule. You can also get great bonuses for buying something during the 3 days after it, so don’t miss your chance to save a lot of money, get your mattress shipped for free, get some useful gifts, etc. 

Independence Day


A lot of discounts in both online & offline stores

If you want to get a serious discount on a new mattress, Independence Day is a great time to make a purchase. All the biggest retailers and manufacturers offer up to 60% discounts.

Memorial Day

Last Monday of May

A lot of discounts in both online & offline stores

This is the best day to make a purchase because it is a big holiday combined with big May sales, so don’t miss your chance to save a fortune. 

How to benefit from seasonal discounts online & offline?

Generally speaking, there are two ways to purchase any mattress: you can buy it from the manufacturer by making a purchase on an official website or buy the mattress from a retailer.

* Please note that there are some exceptions — some manufacturers don’t sell mattresses, bedding, and other products on their websites — they use sites for advertising and providing customers with detailed info on their goods. But still, the two ways we mentioned above are the most common ones.

Both ways have their benefits and drawbacks, actually. On the one hand, you don’t pay more to the retailer. On the other hand, on the official site of a certain company, you will not find any other recommended options that might be better than a mattress you are going to buy.

How much of a discount do top mattress brands usually offer?

Most companies offer some serious discounts on a particular product, a mattress and often on related products like bedding or pillows. In other words, if you visit a site, you are likely to get a discount, especially if you do it on one of the above mentioned days, in May, or October. Please note that all the prices and discounts we mention and describe below are correct as for the middle of fall, 2020. We are going to update the info, so come back later for new bonuses, discounts, and hot sales from top mattress brands & stores.


Saatva provides quite expensive (and very quality) mattresses. Still, the company has a pretty good loyalty program and offers generous discounts to the customers on holidays or during the hot season. Currently, customers can take advantage of the fall sale and save $200 off. For example, one can buy a legendary, award-winning Saatva Classic mattress for $1,199 instead of $1,399.

saatva relax


Unlike Saatva, Casper doesn’t offer a $200 fixed discount but allows customers to save 15% off the famous Casper Original Foam Mattress. Even if you are looking for another product, for example, if you want to purchase Nova Hybrid Mattress instead, you still can save 10%, even if you want to buy something besides hybrid — this discount applies for all Casper products.

dreamy deals


Nectar is one of the brands that always offer something great to a customer. During this fall, all customers have an opportunity to get mattress protector, sheets set, and cooling pillows worth $399. By the way, mattresses themselves are still on sale — for example, you can buy a Queen Nectar Memory Foam Mattress for $799.



Free delivery, up to $350 off mattresses, this is what Leesa offers to a customer this fall. If you are looking for a luxury hybrid mattress, you can take a look at the Leesa legendary mattress — now, all customers can buy it for $1,899 instead of paying $2,199.



PlushBeds has the longest Labor Day sales cycle ever, and that is great. The most generous offers usually don’t last long, but the customers who choose this brand still have an opportunity to save 25% off bedding and furniture and get incredibly generous discount — up to $1,200 off the famous organic bedroom mattresses, Botanical Bliss, Luxury Bliss, and Natural Bliss, to be exact.



This is another really generous discount from a manufacturer. Right now, Dream Cloud provides $200 discount + free luxury sheets set and free mattress protector. Hence, if you buy one of the mattresses, you will save up to $500 in total.



Do you want to get $300 for signing up + free pillow by a famous brand? It is absolutely possible if you choose Puffy. As you can see in the pic, there is a very generous offer for new, as well as for regular customers: a queen-size Puffy mattress now costs $850 instead of $1,150!


What about the retailers?

Manufacturers usually offer very generous discounts, but if you are looking for the hottest mattress sales, you should not forget about the retailers, too. They are making them regularly, and the ranges of products to choose from are much wider.


We could not fail to mention good old Amazon. Yes, it is not the old brick and mortar shop but today, it is the retailer that offers the widest selection of various goods, including mattresses, bedding, toppers, box springs, foundations, etc. Moreover, it makes huge sales regularly, not only on Amazon Prime Day. It is also super easy to look for a suitable mattress by firmness, size, type, brand, and, of course, price. If you scroll down the “mattress page”, you will see the top deals with 5% to 60% off.

Mattress Firm

This is one of the oldest retailers in the industry in the United States. They started as the brick and mortar store, and now, they have as land-based as online stores. On the official site, a user can easily pick a mattress — the range of options is super wide. In particular, you can find all the popular mattresses we mentioned above.

And yes, you can save money on this website. You can get money (currently, it is $50) for signing up and see the most generous offers in the Sale section. Some of the discounts are really impressive — the one can save up to $500 off a mattress.


Here we have another big retailer that, however, works online. Mattresses are not the only products they offer: a customer can also find a lot of related items like furniture, decor, bedding, towels, etc. This store is not as big as Amazon, but does not mean it is worse, especially considering that you can check out the separate Sales & Deals section and find a cheap and at the same time quality mattress at a good discount.


Just like the Mattress Firm, US Mattress was initially a brick and mortar retailer. However, the new times set the new rules, and now you can make a purchase in this store without leaving home. This is a big retailer, too, so a user can easily find almost any mattress from the best brands, as well as a lot of related items. The best thing is the Sale section contains all the best offers & discounts that reach 40%.

How to buy a mattress on sale — best tips & recommendations

What if you need a mattress now? What if you cannot wait till May? The good news is you don’t have to. Check out the tips that may help you save a lot of money right now, both online and offline.

Online shopping — how to save more?

  1. Email subscription can be not only annoying but also really useful, especially if you are waiting for the best offer from a mattress store/manufacturer.
  2. Monitor the biggest websites not only on holidays, in May or during October — a lot of online stores have discounts all the time, and some of them may be really profitable for a customer.
  3. If your friend needs a mattress, too, buy something together — referral programs give you extra money.
  4. Coupons also allow you to save more — you have a chance to earn extra $20-50, so why not use it? You can find the coupons one one one of these platforms: Groupon, DealSpotr, and Knoji.

Benefits & drawbacks of making a purchase online

  • Mattresses are usually much cheaper than on offline stores
  • Most stores offer free shipping
  • On most websites, you can reach support 24/7
  • Usually you can find a detailed FAQ on the site or guides on how to choose a mattress
  • All the info about a mattress can be found on the website
  • You can compare mattresses, prices, and characteristics
  • No one puts pressure on you
  • You can order an item from any place or even a country and have it delivered to your doorstep
  • You can get discounts regularly
  • A customer cannot touch a mattress, test it, i.e. there is no opportunity for a buyer to understand if a mattress really will be a great option for them.
  • You will hardly get huge discounts because the initial price of the mattress is likely to be lower.
  • Some people don’t like to use live chat, chat bots, get short responses from the support.

Old-school shopping — how to save some cash?

  1. The best thing about such stores is face-to-face interaction, so don’t be afraid to ask questions about the discounts, including the questions about the full price.
  2. Don’t hesitate to ask about special offers — sometimes, you can get related items like bedding or toppers for free.
  3. No one can stop you from testing a mattress and then buying it online if there are better offers on the web.
  4. Learn how much of discounts this store offered a year ago — this will help you understand what to expect in this store.

Benefits & drawbacks of making a purchase in the store

  • You can actually test the mattress, find out if it is too firm, soft, high, low, how good is its edge support, etc.
  • You can ask any questions, you can do it offline, and get a really detailed response.
  • You can touch and test accessories, bedding, toppers, pillows, etc.
  • On some days, you can save more if you purchase a mattress in a store.
  • The initial price in such stores is often higher because they need pay for rent, pay salaries to full-time employees, etc.
  • Employees in such stores are often interested in selling a more expensive mattress, and not the mattress that will be best for you.
  • You can leave the store with lots of items you do not even need.
  • Tests in the stores don’t allow you to understand if it is a really good mattress for you. This is something you can understand only after a week of sleeping on a mattress. Some manufacturers even offer 1 year trials because one needs a lot of time to realize if the mattress really works.
  • Buying mattresses in such stores without discounts doesn’t make much sense — the products in online stores are likely to be much cheaper.

Final thoughts

So, the best time to buy a mattress is spring or May, to be exact. However, it is obvious that not all people are ready to wait to make a purchase. There are Christmas holidays, October, and plenty of other various occasions to save a lot of money and buy a mattress with a serious 20-50% or even 60% discount.

Moreover, most manufacturers make sales during the whole year. Yes, the conditions may be different: sometimes you get $300 off a mattress, and sometimes you get a free topper + free delivery. The trick is to decide what offer is better for you and make a purchase at the right time. There are a lot of opportunities for those who want to buy a mattress and maybe some related products without spending a fortune.

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